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Abjured - Absolutist CD
Abjured - Absolutist CD
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Enoid (Swi) - Dodssyklus 2nd cass LP - MC

When supporters of black metal criticize the genre, what is the first flaw they point to with newer music? Passion, or, the complete lack thereof that infests today's black metal scene. Today's bands lack the intensity, the vitriol, the utter misanthropy that made the early 90's so unique and brilliant. As the years went along, this vision was lost in favor of 'technique' and 'progression', destroying what black metal was supposed to be. Switzerland's ENOID is about to rectify this concern. With the black metal scene still shaking from last year's savage 'Livssyklus' LP, ENOID is prepared to unleash his second attack upon the world, entitled 'Dodssyklus. An entity of pure, festering black metal rage, ENOID's music cripples all but the strongest of listeners with its inexorable brutality. There's no melody or neutrality to be found here; only a ferocious assault upon the human race. The one-man army of Bornyhake will be victimizing all who dare hear 'Dodssyklus' with his onslaught of crushing hyperspeed black metal chaos. This album's terrorizing fury will sweep across the world like the black plague, devastating all who attempt to oppose it.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 27. November 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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